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Dec. 28th, 2005 @ 07:07 pm how bout a little intro?
well, i thought i'd start this community as a place for parents with two under two becaue i couldn't find one already on LJ.

so, my name is Kristin and right now i have a ten month old son, Canon, and am expecting baby boy #2, Ephraim, on March 10th 2006, which is about 2 weeks after Canon turns 12 months. since learning i was pregnant i've been really interested in talking with other parents that have babies or have had babies that are close in age to see how their experiences was/are and especially if they can offer any tips! lol.

for now this community is open-membership and hopefully will stay that way. i'd also like to say, that this is NOT the place to debate parenting styles or get down on someone else for their parenting choices- so keep it out of here or suffer the consequences. it's hard enough being a parent without other parents telling you how much you suck at it, kwim?
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