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Jan. 23rd, 2008 @ 09:38 am New business idea
Cheery-o Sanatorium for The At Home Parent presents the following workshops:


Week 1: Primal Whine Therapy
Week 2: Tantric Tantrums
Week 3: Mother's Milk for the Incon-Soul-able
Week 4: Stolen Shower Spa
Week 5: Me-less Fridays


Vi has her two year check up this morning, so Meebs has taken her into the dragon's lair. Last time it took two nurses and a doctor to hold her down. And now she's bigger and stronger to boot.

I've been reading "Corduroy goes to the Doctor" to her all week, but I'm afraid the only thing she gets out of it is that Corduroy gets a balloon after his shot.

Pictures of the munchkins:

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