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Aug. 10th, 2010 @ 02:45 pm Day before work.
Once we were pregnant with Elise, I vowed not to return to work after she was born. Actually, I think I figured that having 2 babies would for SURE force me to stay home (something deep down I really felt was important).

Then along came Elise. The most peaceful "easy" baby I could imagine. Not a colicky baby, not a baby with reflux or poor weight gain. She was born and all I could think is how easy this was. SO much easier than anticipated. I was feeling wonderful!!

But I phoned my boss and gave her the news I wasn't coming back for the fall semester (no surprise I'm sure). Then she offered me the night time position. I guess I'd known all along that would be an option, but had not really considered it... too late, won't work with kids schedules etc. Well she convinced me.

And the grandparents pleaded at me to take the job...in this economy you'd be stupid to quit. we miss the kids. Oh we can babysit everyday. Well so count my blessings I suppose most people would say and don't pass up the opportunity.

So I said I'd do it. The extra cash will make it so we don't have to draw from our savings each month. The time out of the house seemed perfect to me (who doesn't want to leave the house at 4 pm everyday?!). It's only 4 nights a week. And the job itself is super easy (and usually quite rewarding). And I guess I am a little excited to get out of the house.

But there's one thing making me feel just horrible about leaving.

Elise will not take a bottle. We have tried for the past month on and off, sometimes days at a time, letting her go until she's really hungry, me not being home, every nipple known to mankind, no luck.

And there's another thing. I look like absolute shit. I never brush my hair these days, and I don't think I've had it cut in 5 months, somedays my teeth only once. I got this nasty pinkeye at the pool with Kidren so I'm stuck in my glasses. I haven't even thought of dressing semi professional for the past 5 months and thanks to the C-section need all pants and skirts 10 sizes too big and now understand why women always highride their pants. lol. My eyebrows have filled and are probably beginning to grow together. And I lack all of the energy to change any of this before tomorrow.

I feel like I'm pretty sure that none of my colleagues will recognize me. lol. And once they do, they will probably think holy SHIT what happened to her?!! Maybe I could wear a T-shirt...two babies in less than two years--by choice and everyone would understand? Can I at least feign that I've cared for myself at all in the last 5 months? Better question, do I even want to feign that? why would I?
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Aug. 3rd, 2010 @ 03:10 pm (no subject)
Baby #2 is currently 10 weeks old. Today it took us until 11:30 am to get out of the house to go to the store. This is fairly normal for us. Somedays we go nowhere except in our tiny little house. But today, we desperately needed to go there seeing as though yesterday Kidren (Baby #1) had to wear big "boy" underpants that were actually bottoms to Elise's outfit with pink flowers on them to his check-up appt. and has been wearing them ever since. The other pair of underwear we happened to have a few days back when I randomly had enough energy in the morning and decided to try and potty train Kidren. He agreed (yay finally!)but it was already hanging up to dry for the day.

To most of my friends (in their late twenties) and haven't yet decided to take this wonderful path (and probably won't after watching myself!!) 11:30 might seem normal. But they probably haven't been up since 530am TRYING to get ready to go to the store. LOL. Yep, I too am wondering what the fuck were we thinking?
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Jan. 29th, 2008 @ 09:13 pm Moment of Zen
Babies after their naps: toasty warm skin, soft chubby cheeks, loose little hands, melting into your shoulder.
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Jan. 25th, 2008 @ 09:23 am Alaskan King Crab
This used to be one of Meeb's picks. In the days when we wore nice clothes, road in quiet cars, and ate out in good restaurants. I even think I have a faint memory of myself sitting across from him, talking about work, travel, the news; swirling a glass of something and eating a meal I hadn't been responsible for the taste of.

Crunching into the red and white legs, eeking out the soft meaty goodness, slurping it down with butter.

Today, I feel like the shell.

Result of two checkups yesterday:

Vi comes flying through the front door too happy to be an inoculation victim. As Meebs explains that the doctor didn't actually give her a shot today, into view floats Buzz Lightyear, in all his mylar glory. Laughingly I ask, "How much did that thing cost?"

Sammy and me after the visit with the lactation consultant: no balloon, news not as happy. I thought something was up, which was why I finally got my act together and went to see them. Seems Sam has become a high flow junkie, and now isn't getting quite enough milk to feed his habit. He's cheerful and still growing, but falling off his chart. So now he and I get to spend the next couple weeks doing remedial nursing lessons.

Hence my total lack of energy.
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Jan. 23rd, 2008 @ 09:38 am New business idea
Cheery-o Sanatorium for The At Home Parent presents the following workshops:


Week 1: Primal Whine Therapy
Week 2: Tantric Tantrums
Week 3: Mother's Milk for the Incon-Soul-able
Week 4: Stolen Shower Spa
Week 5: Me-less Fridays


Vi has her two year check up this morning, so Meebs has taken her into the dragon's lair. Last time it took two nurses and a doctor to hold her down. And now she's bigger and stronger to boot.

I've been reading "Corduroy goes to the Doctor" to her all week, but I'm afraid the only thing she gets out of it is that Corduroy gets a balloon after his shot.

Pictures of the munchkins:

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Jan. 22nd, 2008 @ 08:26 pm Study finds child-related sleep deprivation mimics effects of lobotomy
Study: Twenty-six infants age four to six months were asked to engage in sleep avoidance in order to observe the effects upon their primary caregivers. Subjects were coached to resist various lulling techniques (rocking, nursing, singing, bouncing) and suppress cues to drowsiness (yawning, cuddling, drooping eyelids). A control group of infants were instructed to nap regularly and sleep 6-8 hours during caregiver's nightly sleep cycle. Result: Significant increases in drooling, staring off into space, and momentary lapses of rationality were seen in the sleep-deprived caregivers as compared to those in the control group. Conclusion: this is a low cost, nonsurgical procedure for suppressing the prefrontal cortex functioning of otherwise normal adults.

All right, I made that up. Sammy has decided that sleep is not for the weary. I do remember vaguely that Violet went through a somewhat similar phase. I just don't know what to do with him or how I survived it last time. I've tried letting him stay awake; after the lapse of 5-6 hours (which at his age should have him conking out mid-babble) he just gets overtired, hysterical, and has an even harder time finally falling asleep. I've even experimented with "put him down awake" philosophy. Sammy can cry off and on for an hour, while I do periodic checks or comforts, and then when I finally give up it's either time for his next feeding or he just sees the light, sniffles, and starts smiling at me. It is a special form of hell to hear your child cry, particularly when it guarantees no happy ending.

Come to think of it, I do remember what I did last time: I just spent inordinate amounts of time lulling Vi to sleep and then crashed for a nap myself. Presently, not at option. In fact, the fifth time I climb the stairs to try to resettle Sammy for his "nap", said toddler starts to wonder if there's a party upstairs. Fact is, I'm wearing out my socks, losing time I could spend with my other munchkin, and getting nowhere.
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Jan. 21st, 2008 @ 08:24 pm Increases
I had a baby. A year went by and I thought, "I could do this again". And so I did.

What the fuck was I thinking?

I suppose I had a picture of two sweet children building block towers on the living room floor, splashing each other in the bath tub, sharing snacks at the playground. And this truly might be some vision of the future. But the present moment is more like Alice in Wonderland; the world is noisy and colorful but not much of it makes sense.

For instance, I spent the last three months nursing Sammy. I think that's all I did in my spare time. The rest of the day was changing, feeding, cleaning up after feeding, settling for naps, holding, calming, amusing, putting on clothes, taking off clothes, whining, singing, screaming fits, time outs, playing happily, watching the same movie again, crying, spitting up, doing the laundry, dishes, trash, cooking?, laundry, waking up at night, and then -

New day: start it all over.
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Jul. 6th, 2006 @ 03:22 pm (no subject)
LOL, A while ago I toyed with the idea of creating just this community, but never got around to it. And now I see some more motivated soul has gone and done it for me.

Well I'm Sarah, and mine aren't under two anymore, but they were at one point. Unforutnately, they grow :`(

Caitlyn is 31-01-2004 and Oliver is 22-02-2005.
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Dec. 28th, 2005 @ 07:07 pm how bout a little intro?
well, i thought i'd start this community as a place for parents with two under two becaue i couldn't find one already on LJ.

so, my name is Kristin and right now i have a ten month old son, Canon, and am expecting baby boy #2, Ephraim, on March 10th 2006, which is about 2 weeks after Canon turns 12 months. since learning i was pregnant i've been really interested in talking with other parents that have babies or have had babies that are close in age to see how their experiences was/are and especially if they can offer any tips! lol.

for now this community is open-membership and hopefully will stay that way. i'd also like to say, that this is NOT the place to debate parenting styles or get down on someone else for their parenting choices- so keep it out of here or suffer the consequences. it's hard enough being a parent without other parents telling you how much you suck at it, kwim?
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